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sober subs
sober subs

How It Works

Substitute Drivers is an innovative business in the Springfield area that provides anyone who has had any amount of alcohol a safe ride home in their own vehicle! Just give us a call; most times we can get to you within just a few minutes.

Our drivers are thoroughly screened, safe and professional.


  1. A two-driver team will meet you after you have been drinking.
  2. One driver will drive you home in the comfort of your vehicle while the other follows in one of our vehicles.
  3. You get home safe and sound without a DWI & with your vehicle waiting for you in your driveway, garage or parking lot the next morning!


  • While our drivers are fully insured, it is a Missouri State Law that you must provide proof of valid insurance for your vehicle in order for us to provide our services.
  • All rides given by Substitute Drivers will remain confidential and no information will be released to any third party without a court order.

Booking Info

You can book us for your wedding, corporate event, or private parties to get all your guests home safe! Contact us to get a quote for your event! We have many options available for all events no matter how big or small!

Platinum Package

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Platinum Plus Productions to offer a package that includes Springfield's best karaoke service and sober rides home for all of your guests! This package is perfect for any corporate party or wedding! Contact us for details.

sober subs
sober subs
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