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sober subs
sober subs

Rates for Substitute Drivers

As consumers ourselves, we have never liked purchasing any product or service without knowing exactly how much it is going to cost. That's why we offer our services for a flat rate. The rates are listed by city, and apply to pick ups that originate inside the city of Springfield. Our rates are determined by your mailing address, not city limit signs.

We accept all major credit cards!

Fair Grove$45.00

So you brought all of your friends with you, and need to drop them off on the way home? No problem! A modest $5.00 is added for additional stops, We'll be happy to drop off your entire party (as long as everyone can safely and legally ride in your car). We would also be happy to stop for gas, food or cigarettes.

Don't see your town on the list? We can still provide you with service. Please contact us for a quote.

How Much Does A DWI Cost?

Besides the initial fear of the long term effects of getting a DWI and the embarrassment of seeing it posted in the newspaper, some people lose their jobs and suffer sleepless nights over the financial costs of a DWI arrest.

In fines and reinstatement fees alone, a Missouri DWI conviction may cost you in excess of $5,000. You must also take into consideration that you may lose your income if you are fired from your job and that your insurance premiums will skyrocket once you file an SR-22.

Also consider that if you injure or kill someone, you are facing a civil lawsuit and can be ordered to pay damages. Finally, if you hire a Missouri DWI Attorney and beat the charges, you can still expect to pay $2,000 or more in Attorney fees.

sober subs
sober subs
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